A visual medley

A collection of self-initiated projects, artworks, hand-lettering and motion graphics done as an attempt to learn a new skill or address a creative gush.

Type Menu

It is not uncommon for menus to use appetising typography. But what if typography had an appetising menu? ‘Type Menu’ is a hypothetical menu that reimagines typefaces as delectable dishes and drinks.

Bon Appe-type

‘The Type Grill’ presents some of the classic typefaces as entrées, with an emphasis on the characteristics of the letterforms. ‘The Type Cafe’ is a take on contemporary typefaces, described as though they are drinks.

Quarantine Musings


Experiments with Cinema4D

Still Here Still Life drawing challenge


Poster for Artists for Climate

Minesweeper with a viral twist

Some nice lettering

Experiments with After Effects+Cinema4D