Nomenclature + Visual Identity
Freelance | 2021

Espruce is a service-based startup that strives to provide a hassle-free experience of booking an appointment for salon services. It enables the user to compare and choose from a variety of trusted salons and services. It also serves as a platform for beauty and fashion with curated blogs on styling tips and trends.  

An inventive name and a visual identity was developed that imbibes the values of the brand and establishes a sense of trust. Espruce is derived from the phrase Spruce Up which is popularly associated with grooming and styling.

Visual Language

Espruce is characterised by crisp, solid forms that embody the feeling of looking sharp and slick. The imagery is flanked by these shapes, that work as a solid window to contain the images and text.

Branding the App

The visual system extends to include a set of lines that complement the shapes. The nature of the lines and shapes is defined by the kind of salon service that they represent. Spa services have soft curves while haircut and beard styling are characterised by sharp lines.