Design Impact

Identity System + Strategy
Graduation Project | 2020

Design Impact is an initiative by Titan Company Ltd. that recognizes and supports design innovations done towards social good. Through a strategic intervention, a fresh perspective was brought in by putting Indian youth at the centre of the initiative.

The Design Impact Awards was repositioned to give rise to the Design Impact Movement—a larger, continuous effort as opposed to a biennial event, resulting in a format that is constantly evolving and immersive. The Movement provides a platform with learning and networking opportunities for the Indian youth.

How do we give a bold, youthful voice to an initiative that addresses SDG based problems across the different sectors of the Indian society?

The new identity for Design Impact speaks to the youth in a contemporary tone while urging them to design for social good. The logotype is flexible to adapt to its derivatives.

Visual Language

A set of cascading arrows supported by bold typography and colours give voice to the movement which is powered by the ideas and energy of the youth. The repetitive arrow element embodies growth and progress while amplifying the impact.

Grid System

An underlying grid system adds a structure that helps extend the system to accommodate different kinds of touchpoints. Evocative Indian imagery from diverse backgrounds as well as candid photography of young people sets a contemporary premise for the communication.